What Makes an OC Website Different?

Published: March 13, 2023

When we pitch a website to a future client, they often ask us what we bring to the table that makes us a better choice than another agency. We think that, as a creative agency, we have an edge over places that just build and host websites. Here’s why:

content first designs


Many places have standard web templates they go to for every client, shoehorning whatever they’re given into predetermined spaces on the site. If it works for one client, why shouldn’t it work for everyone? The simple answer to that hypothetical question is that no two clients are the same, and their websites shouldn’t be either. We don’t use any kind of template when designing your site. Instead, we let your web content lead the design, building the elements around your message in a way that will make you look your best. Cookie cutter solutions are for Keebler. We want your website to be uniquely you.

full team support


We know the value of teamwork. Using each member of our team’s skills on every project is one of the things that sets OC apart. Our graphic design team creates a planned layout of your site, taking into consideration your branding and message. The web team turns that into a responsive website complete with everything your visitors would expect. Before your website is unveiled, our writer makes sure your message and voice are consistent, brand appropriate, and free of errors of grammar or style.

Building relationships that last is one of our core values, and this means that our clients aren’t a number. You’ll get to know our web team by name, and vice-versa. When you call or email, you’ll know exactly who you’re going to hear from, and our team will know who you are, who your brand is, and what you represent.

training and support


When your website is complete, we don’t just put it in your arms and wish you good luck. You’ll get to meet with your web design contact who will train you how to make basic edits and who will answer any questions you might have. We won’t hold your site hostage after it’s done. You always have the freedom to make edits to content and look and whatever else you might want without having to wait for us to find the time. And you’ll never have to worry about breaking your site. We’ll be here if you get outside your area of experience or do something you can’t undo. Whether you’ll be hands off or making changes, we’ve got hosting plan options to meet your support needs.

On top of that, we work behind the scenes to keep your website backed up and up to date. Regular maintenance is included in every website we create. That means your plugins and features won’t get outdated and become a security risk, so you can have peace of mind about the security of your online assets.

responsive web design


Every website we design is responsive out of the box. We don’t think we should have to say it because it’s 2023 and, come on, but your website will be responsive on mobile and computers and everything anyone might want to view it on. That’s something that you shouldn’t even have to ask about, and if you do have to ask someone for it or pay extra to get it, run far away from that web designer, and never look back. Not only do we stay in touch with the tech gurus who built our web design tools to remain informed about new design features and trends, but we also pay attention to the world of internet security risks and make sure to be proactive when it comes to concerns of that type. We are informed if an issue arises, and we have the tools to fix it if the need arises.

We hope you agree that having a whole creative team on your side is a good idea, in general, but specifically when you need a website. We’re happy to team up to keep the focus on your content, your safety, and your success!