What Can OC Do For Your Not-For-Profit Organization?

Published: February 15, 2019

by Justin Difazzio

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One of the tenets that OC Creative prides itself on is our commitment to lifting up our community as well as our clients. This consideration extends to assisting not-for-profits whenever we are able. The list of people we’ve helped reach their potential include such local organizations as Family Service Agency, TAILS Humane Society, Safe Passage, DeKalb County Community Gardens, and more.

With our help, these particular agencies have increased their brand recognition and their reach within the community— and stayed within their budget. With professional, cohesive, and organized visuals, their website looks like their print material, which also matches their social media presence. All of this results in a greater level of confidence in their services, because if their overall LOOK is organized and put together, people assume their processes and services are equality well-organized. And we’re willing to create a solution that matches your not-for-profit, too!

OC Makes Friends with Your Not-For-Profit’s Budget

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As we’ve said before, we’re not a cookie-cutter solution kind of place. Hence, we offer several levels of options to fulfill your needs. OC will provide a comprehensive consultation to give your organization direction with some helpful guidelines. You’ll get informational tools that you can implement yourself. This is the most cost-effective option, yet it requires you and your volunteers to learn some technical skills for producing digital content and physical products so that the work can be completed in-house.

OC Matches the Pace of Your Not-For-Profit

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If your not-for-profit has a small budget, yet requires comprehensive branding, OC will assist by providing a plan that’s full of options. We’ll work with you to identify which products are urgently needed based on their level of effectiveness and which ones can be put off until funds are available again. We’re as flexible as you are, and we’ll work towards your branding goals at a pace best suited to your budget.

OC Helps Your Not-For-Profit Race to the Goal

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If you are one of the lucky not-for-profit organizations that has just received a grant, congratulations! You can hit the ground running. OC will work with you to provide exactly what you need, whether it be developing a visual standards guide, shooting and editing videos for fundraising or outlining your services, marketing print & digital materials, writing assistance, website redesign or update, social media graphics, or even lifestyle photography. We do it all, and we’re ready when you are.

Visual Resources to Help Your Not-For-Profit Today!


We understand that not everyone can leap right into a comprehensive rebranding, so in the meantime, here are some of our tried and true resources. These will provide your not-for-profit with free, royalty-free, copyright-free images, graphics, and fonts to use in your print materials and on the web. Some require attribution when using the asset free of charge, so do the right thing and add that bit of info to your site. A little copyright karma goes a long way. Do yourself a favor and add the following links as bookmarks to help access them in the future.




Feel free to share this with your other not-for-profit friends. We hope these resources will diversify the visual options for your organization. If you have any questions and you are involved with a not-for-profit, call OC Creative today at 815-756-8000. Come for coffee or tea, and together we can discuss developing flexible, affordable options for your branding, marketing, and advertising needs. Success comes with using all the tools available to you, so let OC be your one-stop tool shed for not-for-profit improvement!