Take Note of Ten Terrific Typography Trends for 2022

Published: January 31, 2022

We’re back to explore the popular trends of 2022! This time, though, we’re opening up the letter box case to see what’s going on in the world of typography. We’ve done this enough years in a row to know that there’s a good chance these things will become prevalent in some capacity in the new year. We’ve also done this enough times to know that some might fizzle out or be replaced mid-year by something that reacts to these trends. Whatever the case, we’re not psychics (probably), but reading the creative atmosphere doesn’t require any special powers outside of observation and critical thinking.

First we showed you what’s coming this year in the world of graphic design. In this entry we’ll cover typography trends, and in the final installment, we’ll explore web design trends.

Get your fingers on that home row, and let’s get this 2022 typography party started!

experimental text overlapping

1. Experimentation

The first one’s a big one. If you saw our design trends for 2022 blog, you saw that anti-design was one of them. Well, consider this an aspect of that trend. Some examples of experimentation will feature form over function to a degree that renders the text more of a visual element than a concrete communication medium. Perhaps harder to read, but definitely eye catching, experimental text is definitely on the rise.

a large oblong bubble

2. Extreme Bubble Letters

Remember drawing your crush’s name in bubble letters inside your Trapper Keeper? Well, this trend is busting the velcro right off that relic! These aren’t just standard bubble letters. These are going extreme with extended lines and exaggerated letterforms. It’s, again, a little more about the look than the readability on this one. But given that wandering organic lines are big right now, this one is no wonder.

sticker with dripping letters font

3. Standard Fonts with a Twist

The whole world of typography isn’t going nuts right now, just parts of it. That’s reflected in this trend, which takes a font that is high in readability and twists just one or two letters into carrying the load of the design they’re incorporated into. Think, like, one heavily angled golden letter in an Art Deco design or one really ornate capital in the middle of a word. It sounds weird, but it works in practice, and you’ll more than likely be seeing more of it in the future.

game over retro font

4. Make it Retro, but with Impact

No, not the font called Impact. Although, that might qualify here. We’re talking about embracing the retro vibes with some real retro fonts. But where this was huge in the last few years, we’re giving this one a twist, a-la the last trend we talked about. Thick strokes on letters, distorted proportions, and the like will add a dash of new interest to these throwback trophy winners.

human with paintbrushes

5. Arts and Crafts Revival

A lot of 2022 typography trends are about standing out in a standardized market. This, again, aims at that same goal. In continued response to industrialism’s ever-churning gears, you’re going to see an uptick in this handmade style. If it worked in the 1920s, it can work in the 2020s to catch people’s attention and show them that you’re ready to give the individualized attention they crave.

calligraphy in different styles

6. Handwriting

Last year we predicted handwriting fonts and effects would be all the rage, and they were, to a degree. Well, keep those hands limbered up, because here we go again. In the same way as the arts and craft revival trend, handwriting fonts and hand drawn elements are going to help show that you care. Taking that perceived extra time to make something look special can make you stand out.

people dancing in a blur

7. Animated Fonts

This trend likes to move it move it! Here’s a trend, like wild dancing, that isn’t appropriate for all occasions. But sparingly, and in the right place, this will add some fun and freshness to tired text. Think gently floating, wiggling, and dropping in. How can you make a tissue and these fonts dance? Put a little boogie in it! Yes, we went there, and so will this typography trend if you use it wisely.

crackled plastic paper texture

8. Realistic Textures

Sandy, rough, grainy, smooth, sticky, stoney, and plush. No, they’re not the newest seven dwarves. They’re just a short list of the textures that standout text is adopting in 2022. Think about how words are supposed to make you feel. How can you use that to engage senses that maybe aren’t normally engaged by text? Maybe you’re talking about soft cotton clothes. Perhaps having a few impactful words that look like jersey could get that point across. Or maybe you’re talking about rough skin. Make them feel it with a little illusory texture. The sky’s the limit! Now picture that phrase with a puffy, cloudy effect on some sky blue. See what we mean?

sharp angled graffiti on a wall

9. Acute Trend

Same as last year, people are leaning hard on acute angles in their fonts. Pointy is the new black. Perhaps this can be somewhat attributed to the resurrection of Art Deco in some respects, with its strong lines. But think pointier than even that. Exaggerated points and sharp angles will be in danger of putting your eyes out in 2022 as much or more as in 2021. Just wear your face shield and you should be fine implementing these angular antics in your typography.

gritty words spraypainted on concrete

10. Grunge

Lastly, we bring you grunge. Yes, as we said in our entry on design trends, grunge is back in 2022. Like all things ‘90s, grunge returns to bring us grimy, dirty, and unkempt typography. Think block letters with fading interiors, roughed up letterforms, and faded text. Embrace that teen spirit, put on your grungy flannel, and cook up some ‘90s flavor all over again. Just skip the scrunchies.

Tip Top Typography

And there you have it. That’s what we see on the rise in 2022 for the world of typography. All these trends will be relevant when you’re doing away with your hero images and replacing them with text this year. What’s that, you ask? Well, spoiler alert, but stay tuned for our next installment, where we walk you through web design trends for 2022. It’s a doozy!