Staff Update: It’s June’s Time to Shine!

Published: June 21, 2022

We’re always expanding to meet the needs of our clients, and recently we made an addition to our video team. Meet June Oster, our newest videographer!

June Oster headshot

June taught herself videography at a young age with a few YouTube videos and lots of intuition. Her skills grew from there with work throughout her high school years. She has been taking on projects for OC for several years, and now, she’s a full-fledged employee. A problem solver for all things relating to video and tech, she works best with a cat (Felix) in her lap.

Felix with paper

“I really enjoy the more chill work culture,” June shares. “It allows for a sense of calmness and relaxation in the workplace that just makes working for OC really fun and enjoyable. I feel cared for by my coworkers, and the job presents me with so many opportunities to learn and grow.”

After graduating from high school early, June started pursuing a degree at Kishwaukee College in business/marketing. When she’s not in class or on the job, June spends a lot of time drinking coffee and playing computer games. And if you catch her in a cooking mood, she makes a pretty sweet grilled cheese.

June brings a keen eye for video and a unique identity to the team that we all appreciate. “I think that being yourself, being who you want to be regardless of what others think, is really valuable,” says June.

We think so too! We’re all finding out that June is pretty awesome personally and professionally, and we think you’ll agree!