Staff Update: Introducing the Amazing Meredith Guio!

Published: July 15, 2022

In our previous entry we introduced you to June as we expanded our video department. Well, video isn’t the only area where we are in need of another creative mind. Meet the multitalented Meredith Guio, who will be working in both our design and web departments!

Meredith Guio headshot

Meredith’s attitude is so can-do that she isn’t afraid of tackling anything the OC team throws her way. From photography to design projects to magazines to logos to wall murals to so many web projects, there hasn’t been a dull moment for her since she joined us.

When she’s not at work, Meredith likes doing, well, everything. “What don’t I do?” Meredith laughs. “I have this problem where I hate sitting still, so I tend to teach myself new art things. I can now make my own paper and jewelry. I carve stamps to create landscape prints of photos I’ve taken. I am currently teaching myself to make ink and watercolor paints from natural elements like rocks, flowers, vegetables, walnuts, etc. I also do woodworking here and there. My favorite outdoor hobbies are backpacking, and, on days when I can’t get out of town to explore the wilderness, biking.”

Phew. We’re exhausted just trying to keep up with her. When she does take a moment to relax at home, she chills with her mini Aussie, Sierra, and her plants, which are a relatively new obsession she acquired at a previous job with a garden center.

Mini Aussie dog Sierra begging

She attributes her try-everything mentality to adaptations she’s had to make in life: “I have an ‘it is what it is’ mentality. If it happens, then great. If I tried something and it didn’t work out, then that’s ok too. I just move on and try something else. There are a few things in life I will plan, but typically the plan ends up changing. Because of that, I have adapted to a more go-with-the-flow mindset when it comes to most things.”

That’s one of her strengths when it comes to working on so many projects at once. She’s never afraid to switch gears, meet an oncoming project with a quick deadline, or tackle a new technique in web design. “OC has been a very welcoming workplace,” Meredith shares. “I’ve been here for a short time, and I’ve already learned and grown so much with the help of all of my coworkers.”

And we’re all glad she’s part of the team. We know you’ll be happy to work with her as well. If you stop in the office, ask her about her newest endeavor; she’s sure to have something to share, even if it’s just a picture of Sierra.

Mini Aussie dog Sierra in orange vest