Staff Update: Austin Makes His OC Debut

Published: November 29, 2022

As our portfolio of video clients grows even further, we started noticing that we just don’t have enough people to give every client the care we strive for. To that end, we reached out for someone to help us further develop our video department from behind the scenes as a Video Project Coordinator, and we found Austin Wilson!

smiling man named Austin

Austin grew up in Monticello, IL, a small town near Champaign. He moved on to Parkland Community College (now Parkland College) for his associates degree, and then decided to explore the great north. Or, at least, as far north as NIU. He made two incredible choices while up here: earning a Bachelors in Business Management and marrying his wife, Anna, who works for the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce.

He brings an eye for detail to the job that he built while working as a visual merchandiser at H&M and a warm personality that he grew as a relationship banker for Heartland Bank. “I think the people I work with and just the overall atmosphere are great,” says Austin. “Everyone is willing to help with anything.”

When he’s not at work or chilling with Anna & Brick, you can find Austin decked out for a ren faire, playing video games (Rocket League, anyone?), or enjoying nature camping and hiking–unless the St. Louis Blues are on the ice. Then he’s cheering them on like a madman!

We’re happy to have him on board, and we hope to make friends with Brick, his American Bulldog & Boxer mix, who really lives up to his name.

smiling bulldog named Brick

How could you not love that face?

If you’re a client who works with our video department, you’re sure to get to know Austin as well as you know Amy. Help us give Austin a big welcome the next time you’re in the office! Ask him about his favorite dipping sauces.