by Justin Difazzio

Been out in the rain lately? The folks at Expedia have.

Rockford, Illinois was recently named in Expedia’s list of most beautiful towns in each state, citing their Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens, Curren’s Orchard, and our very own Rockford Rain Art project (which they called “a genius installation”).

If you recall, OC Creative launched a project called Liquid Sunshine in spring of 2016, creating temporary designs around DeKalb and Rockford that are only visible when it rains (or during a wicked squirt gun fight). It’s an honor to be listed next to such gorgeous sights as the mountains of Stowe, Vermont and the town of Buffalo, Wyoming, just to name a few.

We’re always looking toward the next step in our creative journey, but it’s also nice to look back and see the impact we might have had on the communities and organizations we’re happy to call our clients – and our home. Keep you eyes peeled rain or shine for what OC Creative is going to be doing – even bigger and better – in Rockford this summer!