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We began our relationship with national gardening brand Proven Winners in 2011, working on their 2012 certification videos for independent garden centers. Since we started working with them, their clients have recommended our videos more and more, last year reaching 99.5% positive ratings. Since 2011, we’ve been doing those yearly videos, and our responsibility as their outsourced creative team has only grown.

Brand Recognition Blossoms

In 2018 they asked us to increase their brand recognition after being conspicuously missing from the top rankings list of a message-impact study. Here’s how we solved that name recognition and impact problem.

Not only did the ads we designed for them get attention, the 2019 rankings list had them in the top slot for most attention-getting ad and the third slot for most believable ad. We’d say that’s growing brand recognition!

Proven Winners Ad 2
Proven Winners Ad 3
Proven Winners Ad 4

Delivering on Demand

During the decade we have been working with them, we have taken on magazine ads, new product videos, point of purchase posters, and, most recently, concepts for ads featured in Home Depot. We’ve even been with them to help create Club Sprouts, their program to get children into gardening.

We’ve really enjoyed working with Proven Winners, and it seems that they feel the same way.

"Really nice job! Look forward to laying out the rest of the campaign with you."

"Colorful, eye-catching ... you got my attention and they will get my customer’s attention."

"I took one look at our banner ad in this newsletter and thought, wow, that looks amazing!"

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