A Message from Doug McWhorter:

Hey, PicTwo friends and family!

You may notice a few changes around here as we hand the reins over to Brian Oster and OC Creative. You see, I’ve hung up my gaffer tape and moved to Baja California, Mexico. It’s been quite an experience! Surprisingly, the restaurants are much better here, and the weather, while not crazy warm, has had its perks (haven’t seen a flake of snow). Something I’ve seen here that I never saw in the Quad Cities is dolphins! Rumor has it that whales frequent these waters, too, so that’s exciting. But enough about my retirement!

Brian Oster and his team at OC Creative have picked up our legacy of creative and professional video work and are running with it. They’ve had many years of experience doing the same type of creative services as we’re known for. Check out their latest demo reel:

OC is happy to honor our 20-year relationship as a John Deere Preferred Supplier and have their own supplier number. I look forward to seeing what they create for our clients as they continue to provide video and more for our friends in the Quad Cities and beyond.


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