Penelope Giese Hits the OC Stage!

Published: October 29, 2021

by Justin Difazzio

Running a company makes for some busy, busy days. Sometimes it’s too much for one person to handle, and while Brian makes running OC Creative look easy, he’s not Superman. That’s where Penelope Giese comes in!

Penelope Giese headshot

We added Penelope to the team as a personal assistant to help make Brian’s work day a little bit easier. We never anticipated that she would make everyone’s day easier! With the official title of Project Coordinator, Penelope is helping the team to achieve in whatever way she can, earning her the title of Project Coordinator.

Her diverse set of skills make her an invaluable member of the team. She’s an unstoppable knot untier, has been a game master at a local escape room, a restaurant hostess, and an actress, specifically, but her natural comfort in the creative world is her most valuable asset. She’s constantly learning about the workings of the office and the studio, bringing her experience in front of the camera to be better behind it.

Her lifetime ambition is to dive into acting. She’s already had one acting job in LA in addition to many locally, and she hopes her experience at OC will better prepare her for future acting jobs. “OC has provided me with such a fun and welcoming creative environment. The company cares for us as much as we care for it, and I think that is a beautiful thing,” she shares. “Each person is provided the tools and challenges they need to learn and grow in their interests and passions.”

Penelope on the beach with her light colored cat

If you see her on either side of the camera, say hello and ask her about her FIVE cats, her collections, or her personal mantra: Everything happens for a reason, and no matter what, you will always find the most success in doing what you love.

adorable tabby cat

We’re happy to have her (and her feline friends) on the team!

adorable torbie cat