OC’s 4 Marketing Trend Predictions for 2019

Published: December 7, 2018

by Justin Difazzio

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At the end of the year, we think it’s fun to look forward at what’s coming in 2019. Of course, we’re not psychic, so instead of knowing exactly what the year will bring, we make informed predictions based on where we see marketing trends heading. It’s almost as good as having a crystal ball! So check out the 4 marketing trends we think are going to be important to focus on in 2019.

1. Relational Marketing Required

Gone are the days of spouting facts at people in a thirty-second commercial spot on television on Friday night. Sure, you still might reach an audience, but it’s not going to have the impact it used to have. Granted, TGIF has been gone for a long time (we miss you, Urkel), but the thing that’s likely going to be changing into 2019 is a focus on authenticity in your advertising.

People tend to trust the opinions of people they know and love, so finding ways to spread that word of mouth among friends and family is going to be huge. But you can’t just fire ads away at Aunt Mabel and hope she talks about it over family dinner. The key to making an impression is to have authentic, engaging content. Consumers today have no tolerance for anything that seems fake, and they can smell it from a mile away. Brands will have to meet people where they are, prove they understand, and provide a solution to the needs of consumers. It will certainly take more effort to create content that impresses, which is why consumer data will be at a premium in the coming year.

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2. Creativity Is Key

Not only will your content have to be on point, but the way in which that content reaches your audience and what that content says will take a front seat. Part of meeting people where they’re at is ACTUALLY meeting them where they’re at. With television trends becoming increasingly free from network scheduling and AdBlocker gaining popularity, traditional means of reaching consumers become less and less effective all the time. Advertisers have to get creative with how they deliver their ads to consumers. Organic advertising is one way, with information about a brand being given through search engine results and social media instead of delivered in paid ads.

Just as important to your marketing strategy as innovative delivery methods is your message. Your campaigns, your ideas, and your messages must be clear, consistent, and creative. There can be no more half-hearted campaigns, no muddled messages. Your brand is going to have to tell compelling stories that set you up as a trendsetter, a visionary, and a trusted companion. This means that sometimes you’ll have to take a stand for what you believe in, as a company. We predict more of that in 2019 as brand loyalty will have to be moral as well as financial.

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3. Embrace New Tech

Remember when we talked about getting creative with the means of distribution? Here’s someplace people are going to start taking notice: AI companions. As Google Home and Alexa pick up steam in the homes, advertisers will want to position themselves to be the first result to voice searches. Why is that? Well, according to Campaign, close to 50% of searches will be made with voice by 2020. Not only is it convenient when you’re doing other things at home, it’s also mobile, so it’s also an option when you’re driving or riding or just don’t feel like typing.

Also growing faster than expected is the advent of AR and VR, or augmented reality and virtual reality, respectively. These technologies were expected to be confined to the world of entertainment, featuring in video games and storytelling exclusively. But recently companies like Ikea have adopted these tech newbies as part of their strategy. The launch of the Ikea Place app brought AR into their purview, allowing users to place the furniture in their homes using the camera to see how it looked in the actual room they were purchasing it for. And now, they’ve launched a VR store. Just slip on the goggles and shop. While still in its relative infancy, these fancy new means of technological magic are predicted to grow into even more of a battleground for consumers’ attention spans in the coming year.

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4. Even More Video

No list of what’s coming in the future would be complete without the entry that states that you can expect “more of the same.” This is that entry. With video consumption increasing all the time, video production keeps chugging along to meet the demand. It’s no secret that video gets attention and drives engagement, with increases of 200-300% over static media. So of course we’ll be seeing more of that.

If you’re not in the video game yet, or if you just want some tips from the pros, check out our previous advice on video marketing:

We may not be psychics, but we’ve been in the marketing game long enough to know an incoming trend when we see it. Stay tuned throughout the year to see if these predictions come to fruition, or if something else entirely catches the marketing world by storm. Check back for future installments, where we talk about predicted trends in both the visual arena and the typographical arena.