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Consider a Give DeKalb County Video

Give DeKalb County is the perfect place to launch your professional nonprofit video and start receiving an immediate return on investment. With that in mind, OC Creative would like to provide all DCNP members the opportunity to create an impact video in time for this May 2 matching funds event at a 20% discounted nonprofit rate!

Seeing is believing, and with a better understanding of all you do for DeKalb County residents and their communities, more viewers will become donors, and past donors may just likely become larger ones. Add this video to your website home page, Facebook, and anywhere else your board can think of. One video with multiple avenues of distribution across multiple years equals many opportunities to obtain donations that far exceed the investment cost.

What will we receive?
  • A solid concept, plan, and filming prep from the local agency with a nonprofit niche
  • A two-person crew for up to 4 hours, to interview 1-2 individuals and capture your nonprofit on film
  • An interviewer that will help you stay comfortable from start to finish
  • A professionally produced 1-2 minute video similar to the examples below
  • Bonus: professional make-up and styling is included
What will it cost our organization?
Initially $1,500, but in time, hopefully far less. (Think a donor might be willing to cover this cost?) Overall, 6-10 hours of your time in planning, filming, and reviewing.
How do we get started?
Contact Client Manager Amy for questions or to book your video. Sign up by March 15th, and start thinking about the best four-hour block of time to film!
I can't thank you enough!! Your patience and understanding have gone above and beyond! I love the finished product and honestly can't believe it's here and on the wall in time for our event! It looks fantastic!!
- Elly B., Grand Rapids Community College
college and university logos including Northern Illinois University, Grand Rapids Community College, Lincoln Land Community College, and Kishwaukee College

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