Lifelong Learning: How We Customize Every Job for Every Client

Published: March 1, 2019

by Justin Difazzio

library stacks

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Well, in our office, what we know we don’t know could fill an entire library! One of the things that we take very seriously at OC is an emphasis on growth. Growing is only possible when we see the areas where we lack and work to fill those areas. One of those places we always strive to grow is in our knowledge base. We’re lifelong learners here, which is why we’re aware of how much we don’t know. And it’s a lot!

You see, every time we take on a client, whether they’re familiar or brand new, we get the opportunity to customize a solution to solve their particular problem. We love doing this; it’s what makes us all want to come to the office every day. But sometimes, in order to do that, we have to admit that there are things we don’t know. There’s no shame in that for us. We see it as a chance to expand our knowledge base.

stack of books

Without becoming arm-chair experts on your industry, we can’t create a solution that truly fits your needs. Without a true partnership—one in which where we understand what drives you, what challenges you, what keeps you up at night—we may miss the mark. That’s what drives all of us to never stop learning.

We believe in empowering each other to succeed. When one person on the team learns something new, we all benefit from that knowledge, whether it be learning how your business reaches clients, or learning the latest Adobe product features. All of this grows our collective experience and helps us to help you.

modern library

Also, It goes without saying that we just find the world fascinating in general. Just last year we got to learn about the applications of nautical-grade spray foam, the pain-relieving and mood-enhancing benefits of Ketamine, and even some tidbits about our own local history. And that’s not even scraping the surface of what we realized we had no prior knowledge of.

So if you’d like to be our next passion, the next industry we learn about, we’d love to learn your industry, and we’d love even more to solve your problems.