Introducing OC Office Co-working

Published: November 15, 2019

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If you’ve been in our office, you’ve probably had the office tour. If not, come along with me. We usually show you our work space, the donut room where we chill, the conference room, sound booth, studio, and kitchen. Then we get to what we call “the back third.” When we get to this part, we usually pause and look at it. Maybe you’ve seen a pool table there, maybe some diner-style booths, maybe a stage. We never really knew what to do with this space. Until now.

The OC team spent some time brainstorming (using some of those brainstorming tips we shared) the ideal use for that space. After thinking about it for a while and eliminating some crazy ideas (polo court) and classifying some others for use in a different space in the future (escape room, perhaps?), we started talking about the lack of co-working space for local entrepreneurs, creatives, and other business folk who just need a place to call home base.

co-working space

There doesn’t seem to be much local space dedicated to those who don’t want to be locked in to a years-long lease, so we wanted this space to be flexible, approachable, and beneficial. We built out the space to include various spaces and styles for people who work well in solitude or in groups. Right now, the space offers cubicles in two sizes, hot desks, conference room space, and common areas. There are comfy chairs, private cubes, coffee, a mini fridge, reliable wifi, and awesome neighbors (if we do say so ourselves).

conference room

Coffee and wifi aren’t the only benefits to this arrangement. No, no. In your own office space you can be yourself, take control of your own schedule, find a sense of community if you want to, and plant the roots of your business, project, organization, or whatever you’re working on. No one will look over your shoulder, dictate your comings and goings, bother you with endless prodding, or make fun of your new hat.

And what are we calling this extension of for-rent hospitality to the community? Officially, we’re calling it OC Office Co-working, but we’ve been lovingly calling it OC Squared, because OC Office Co-working is abbreviated OCOC. So OC Squared. You get it. We probably didn’t need to explain.

OC Squared opened our convenient rental space on November 1, so you can contact us for a tour or visit the new website for more info. Take charge! Take your time! Take some free coffee! But don’t take our word for it; come see for yourself with a casual tour or a trial period.

Won’t you be our neighbor?

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