Intern Interlude: Katie’s in the House!

Published: June 3, 2024

Here comes another Intern Interlude, and this time we’re featuring one of our first interns ever! She started way back when we were just a little one-room operation with a studio attached, and though her roles have changed and she’s not been an intern in years, she’s still here! It’s Katie!!

Katie being licked by Lumos, her black and white spitz dog

“My internship was like a potpourri of tasks. It was before we had established internship positions, so I helped on set, did some scrubbing of b-roll, took photos, helped with IT stuff, and whatever else needed done,” Katie explains. “It was during a semester of grad school in 2015, and I liked it so much that I joined the team.”

Even today, Katie handles a lot of our IT and sometimes does photography in a pinch. Her love of photography never went away and led her to get her own camera, which she uses often to take pictures of her majestic cotton balls, Luna and Lumos.

a female lack and white pomeranian and a male black and white spitz klein

However, her real title is Web Director for OC Creative. You see, we needed someone to handle website design, and Katie was more than willing to take that responsibility on. What started as a single website has become a mighty web empire under her command. Heck, she’s even trained some interns of her own during her reign as web director.

That’s something we think is special at OC. We all see the value in giving people a chance, in paying forward the opportunities we’ve received, and in growing in any way we can.

When asked for a quote about her time here, she directed us to her favorite quote from Friends, her favorite TV show: “I wish I could, but I don’t want to,” and went back to fielding tech questions and designing websites.

Thanks for being nothing but yourself, Katie! You’re a treasure!