Getting the Best Client Testimonials

Published: March 28, 2015

by Brian Oster

Testimonials are all about credibility, and nothing builds trust in your brand like real, live clients offering flattering comments about your company.  However, there’s an art to getting effective testimonials on video. If your client has never been in front of a camera, they might appear ill at ease. He or she could be less expressive at best.  A good director will plan extra time on set so the interviewee can become comfortable with the production environment. To help settle the interviewee’s nerves, ask some softball questions first, or try to make them laugh.

Clients who seem stiff or uncomfortable on camera can send the wrong vibe, so depend on an experienced production crew that can put them at ease. Testimonials are all about the edit, which includes effective use of secondary footage, or “b roll,” but if the interview subject can’t show us their A game, even the best editors will struggle. Partner with the right production company and the result will reflect well on you and your client.