Drone Footage Takes Marketing into the Stratosphere

Published: September 8, 2017

by Justin Difazzio

People are always looking for a new angle in marketing. Why not give them exactly what they’re asking for? Drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), if you want to get technical, are opening up new options never before seen. More affordable and more practical than paying for flyover footage from helicopters and airplanes, drones give anyone the lift their marketing needs. The human mind is used to seeing things from eye level. We’re simply wired to stop and look at things we don’t normally see, even common things shot from unfamiliar angles. Citizen Kane is one of the most well regarded films of all time for this simple reason: the shots were done from unfamiliar angles. Why not harness the same sort of power in your marketing?

OC’s Drone Demo Reel

As prices for camera-fitted drones continue to drop, more organizations are jumping on board this trend. Imagine your next advertisement opening on footage of your property, a gorgeous shot of your new addition or your space filled with a bustling crowd. With minimum invasiveness, drones can capture this shot perfectly. Show people something they aren’t expecting. Realtors are already using this technique by flying over houses, passing a facade that might not be that attractive and exposing a back yard featuring a gorgeous deck and pool with a grilling area filled with smiling friends. And it works! Houses that wouldn’t get a second glance from the front are getting four times as many offers with drone footage, all because you showed people exactly what they asked for: a new angle.

Drone footage is being used in more interesting and surprising ways all the time. With a quick search you can find drone-shot concert footage, land surveys, natural disaster damage reporting, music videos, sports coverage, wedding video, resort ads, and hobby shots. Drone footage is being used in law enforcement, construction planning, measurement of hard-to-reach property, and establishing footage from all angles. New and dynamic web pages are being created with home page background video instead of a stock image. Instead of a white background and some text, your clients could be seeing flyover video of your latest event, your property, or whatever else you might want!

There’s almost no limit to the ways drone footage can shake up your media, and you don’t even have to learn to fly one to take advantage of all the benefits! There are plenty of organizations with trained and certified drone pilots who would be happy to make your vision a reality. What have you got to lose by rising above eye-level marketing to give your clients something truly stratospheric?

Still shot of drone footage of soccer game
Drone footage still of the Chicago coast