Creating Skip-Resistant Video Ads

Published: November 23, 2016

by Brian Oster

Vine’s six-second video platform may be dead, but the need to capture a viewer’s attention within the first few seconds of a video is still critical. After that time, viewing levels plummet. Since YouTube allows viewers to skip most ads after five seconds, is it time to start creating videos that are skip-resistant?

Well, a Millward Brown study found that when given the option, people didn’t always click the skip button. The viewer willingly gave away their time because they were persuaded to watch, giving control to the brand or organization that created the ad. So yes, you should ensure the video’s first few seconds have a creative hook. Just remember not to stop there.

skip-resistant Captain Obvious ad

The study also found that tone can greatly affect whether people tune in or tune out. Whether for increased brand recognition or a longer length of viewing, the most effective hook was humor. The top five reasons viewers resisted the skip button were:

1) Humor
2) Category of Interest
3) Rewards
4) Brand of Interest
5) Intrigue took ad skipping to another level. Check out their amazing ad here, and make sure you do hit the skip button.

So, you can make your video ad more effective by having a specific purpose and tone in mind when creating for YouTube and online advertising. Take the findings from this study into account, and don’t waste the first four seconds by showing your logo or introducing your product or service name.

A bonus finding from the study: ads most likely to be watched to the end ran 30 seconds or less. So keep it short, and use that time wisely for an effective, skip-resistant video ad.