Crafting Core Values: It’s Never Too Late for a Fresh Look

Published: February 9, 2018

by Justin Difazzio

Recently, we took a day in office to evaluate what makes us tick. How are we unique? What do we do that makes people want to come back to us time and again? And how do we embody a corporate culture we can all be proud of? In the end, we decided on five action words that encompass the core of OC Creative’s mission.

CREATE the integrity we believe in.

We believe in integrity—so much so that it has to be listed first. Without this quality, our work and our name and our legacy means nothing. Not only do we believe that our reputation means everything, but we also believe in the other sense of the word, the sense that we are all united, whole, and undivided. We are a team, and the integrity of that team depends on all of us putting out our best work every time.

BUILD relationships that last.

We don’t want you to go. Whether you’re our newest client or the person that delivers the mail every day, we want to get to know you. Our goal is to build relationships, and not just one-and-done relationships for the purpose of having work. We want to find out what makes you and your organization tick, to talk about your dreams for the future and where you think you need help. This is our philosophy with clients and with coworkers (though we think of them more as family). We’re here to get to know each other, to help each other, and to grow together, and we consider ourselves lucky to get the chance.

IMPROVE at every opportunity.

There is no such thing as failure. It’s a bold statement for us to make, but we hold it to be true. Every project is a chance to improve, whether that’s a more ambitious design or a more committed branding package or another tool in our repertoire. We are always getting better. We don’t rest on past success. We don’t let our past work speak for itself. We improve. We grow into our potential and exceed the expectations of ourselves and our clients.

EMPOWER each other to succeed.

No one in the office is afraid to spitball an idea, to dream about what a video or a campaign could be like, to take hilarious options and turn them into reality, and to truly help each other and work together as a team. And the same goes for clients. They may come in with no idea about how to make their plans into a reality, but we empower them to make something even better than they originally thought was possible. When our customers succeed, we succeed.

CUSTOMIZE every job for every client.

And what makes us successful? The fact that every job we do is made unique for the client themselves. It’s never a cookie-cutter solution. It’s custom-tailored to make us all look good in the end. If it’s something we’ve never done before, we learn how. If it’s something we’re pros at, we do it bigger, better, more attuned to what you need. This drive embodies the creativity, the confidence, and the curiosity that makes OC what it is.

We’re proud of what we do here. We have always held our projects to a certain standard, a feeling that makes something an OC Creative piece of work. But we have to admit that having a written set of core values adds concreteness to that vague notion of what makes us us. Now that we’ve refreshed ours, we’d love to help your organization craft a custom vision of what makes you unique. Spring is just around the corner. Is it time to take a fresh look at what your brand is and what it could be?