Chinese New Year Is a Boar, But Our Client Gift Isn’t

Published: March 15, 2019

by Justin Difazzio

Recently we hatched a plan—a plan to thank our clients for their support—a plan to bring some smiles to offices around the area. It started as a little note to say thank you, to wish them a happy new year, and to ask them about their resolutions.

What became of it was much, much more exciting.

Chinese New Year gift bags shown on table with their contents

We addressed the project in a small part of our weekly creative meeting, and it ended up sort of eating the whole meeting. Ideas were flowing. Thoughts were growing. And in the end, our team’s collaborative spirit was showing. We decided that since everyone is probably overwhelmed until at least a month after the holidays, we’d delay the whole thing by a while. Turns out we needed to, because shipping from China takes a while. Even more so, though, it would take more time to pull this off than we’d originally thought. There were many pieces to this particular puzzle of a project.

a flatlay view of the gift bag contents

As you can see, this is no mere letter. We’re clearly incapable of letting an idea go before it reaches its full potential. Our little client letter turned into an immaculately designed, elegant, golden, double gate fold featuring the cutest little pigs you’ve ever seen.

flat view of brochure

Why pigs? Well, the timing lent itself better to welcoming in the Year of the Pig, this Chinese New Year’s accompanying zodiac sign!

closeup of the gift bag with the year 2019 printed on it

Our designer Erin put together these goodie bags, chock full of neat stuff. She designed the little poppers with custom wraps and filled them with exotic candies. We handmade some cute little foam fortune cookies with home brewed OC fortunes inside. And we included some neat keepsakes to start conversations in the office throughout the year, including this great Year of the Pig coin.

closeup of the coin

And because we’re all about building relationships that last (it’s one of our core values), we hand-delivered as many as we could to clients around the area. It gave us an excuse to shake hands, have a chat, and see just exactly what our extended family needed from us. It was great to touch base, to give and get some warm smiles, and to spend some time with the people who keep us going.

closeup of the popper

We had a lot of fun creating this care package, and even more fun delivering them. We hope 2019 has some sweet surprises in store for you.