Sycamore Public Library

The Board of Directors of the Sycamore Public Library wanted the community to know that the library is still relevant and useful and encourage residents to come in and take advantage of everything on offer. With libraries being misrepresented in the media and by politicians as unnecessary and outdated, it was important they flip the script on that notion and show the truth about the library as a living, beating heart of the community.





So Many Choices

They tasked OC with coming up with some concepts that might work to get their message across, trusting our experience to give them a message with impact. We played around with some concepts, considered existing examples of the kinds of messages they wanted, and mocked up some options that could work. The library chose a mythbusting video that explored five top myths about libraries and showed the truth about those myths.

Crafting Relevance

It sounds like a serious topic, but it was super fun to shoot and put together. We provided concepts, wrote the script, filmed, animated, and edited until everyone was happy with the resulting video. To engage their target audience, which consisted of younger ages, we included motion graphics and chose to change the song with every busted myth to keep things feeling fresh.

A Warm Reception

The library board and community loved the video immediately, and they shared the video on social media dozens of times, getting their message in front of more than 8000 people in the community. That’s a ton of exposure for a library in a small community, and it got in front of just the people they were trying to reach in the end.
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