SEIU – Care Revolution

When the worldwide organization Service Employees International Union (SEIU) reached out to us to create a video that would be shown in front of tens of thousands of people, we knew we could make something that kept all those eyes focused on the message they wanted to share.



Voice Over

More Pay for More People

SEIU wanted to make a push for higher minimum wages during the 2016 presidential election, specifically for home care workers, community college professionals, and other care workers. They tapped OC to partner with a Chicago company to design a short video, which OC animated, co-wrote, and secured the voiceover talent for. The message was meant to be a positive one, avoiding the mud slinging that often happens during election years. Our values resonated with that desire, and our animation talent was itching for an impactful project to tackle. Thus, “A Care Revolution” was born.

A Legacy of Care

The main distribution for the animated video was the Democratic National Convention, where tens of thousands of people saw and heard the message. While many Democrats didn’t win election that year, the message was impactful, and the support for higher wages for care workers was one of many driving the successful 2020 campaign. Our goals for the project included unique transitions, diversity in the animation, and subtle references throughout. Both SEIU and we at OC think we did a pretty good job.
This is very strong work! Many thanks to your team for moving such a heavy object across the goal line. Seriously appreciated.
Carter Wright, SEIU
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