Resource Bank

One of the last remaining community banks in the area, Resource Bank, is known for being approachable, caring, and customer focused. Part of that friendly image comes from a long-running, quarterly magazine we help them publish featuring businesses, organizations, artists, and other people from the areas they serve.

Creative Writing

Magazine Design


Standards Guide

Meeting our Communities

Your Resource for Living has been around for almost 20 years, and we’ve been the creative agency behind it for more than 10 of those years. Each season we interview six subjects, find out their unique story and what role they play in the community, craft a compelling story over multiple drafts, photograph relevant details, and design and print a 28-page magazine from cover to cover which reaches over 40,000 people in our community and beyond. It’s as much a labor of love as it is a smart use of Resource Bank’s marketing budget.

Holding Close to the Vision

Over our decade-plus relationship with the bank and the magazine, we’ve learned what makes for a good publication—so much so that we have created a 50-page in-house guide of all that goes into every issue from conception to delivery. Consistent branding messages, seasonal color schemes, clear and vibrant photos, well-written and edited stories, and varied layouts all contribute to the success of each issue.

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