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What began in 2021 as a fairly standard relationship with Midwest Express Clinic making online and tv commercials blossomed into so much more when they asked us for help with their next big endeavor: creating a Super Bowl commercial with a retired NFL superstar.



Video Production

Set Decoration

Talent Scouting


A Powerful Kickoff

One of our core values here is to “build relationships that last.” Case in point: Our contact at Orthodontic Experts joined the MEC management team and sought out OC when the company was looking for creative ideas. Our past work for them made enough of an impact that they remembered our name when the time came to create custom videos for their line of clinics.

The Superbowl Shuffle

Midwest Express Clinics sought out a large Chicago ad agency to write up creative concepts for their upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Their current media agency quoted a budget of a million dollars, which, when presented to OC, we knew right away was overblown. We got to work editing down the proposed script to fit a smaller scale budget while still being creative. We removed the unnecessary things like the week-long production requirements, extravagant props, stunt people, and more, and we came in at $250K, which they quickly accepted.

End Zone Celebration

So how did we bring home a win? We edited the scripts, worked with Marshawn Lynch of Beast Mode fame, and filmed all four commercials (Bariste Mode, Greased Mode, Fleeced Mode, and Beast A La Mode), and did it all in one location across three days. We also captured photography on location that was seen on billboards for months in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Even with all of that, we came in under budget and created an amazing commercial for arguably the most high-profile time slot for a quarter of the cost of another agency. We’d say that’s cause for an end zone celebration!
I have to say the bloopers were so fun, and I LOVE the 15-second version. I'm getting super excited as the Super Bowl date approaches!
Shannon Rafter, Strategic Account Manager
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