Lakeshore Recycling Systems

Lakeshore Recycling Systems is in the middle of a growth spurt, and their newly acquired headquarters had a big issue with boring, white walls. We came together to create a series of display walls composed of sustainable and recyclable material celebrating their past, providing an overview of their present, and allowing for growth far into the future as the company continues to expand.

Graphic Design

Display Walls

First Wave

To tackle such a large project, OC and LRS broke the designs into three groups based on the client’s needs and the schedule they created. The conference rooms in the headquarters are all named after their regional centers in Fayetteville, Arkansas; Madison, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Nashville, Tennessee. Designers honored the culture of each city by creating a unique, layered skyline with icons below to show what each place is known for.

Second Wave

The second wave of display walls featured the components which make LRS unique among similar companies. This allowed us to come up with an artistic way of showing off the vision and values LRS lives by and a celebration of the people who are essential to the company’s success. Their Vision and Values display was planned as a layered wall with etched metal graphics listing their vision and values. This piece featured an extruded logo and header text with solid color sides, extruded vision statement, a solid color background, and circles in three different thicknesses, the thickest and second thickest housing etched icons.

Third Wave

The third and final wave features information that frequently grows and changes, each display had to be designed with the future in mind. Banner Up Signs—our production and installation partner—and OC worked together to design and execute each display, leaving simple instructions for LRS to maintain the information displayed. The most elaborate of these displays is the State of Growth wall. Aptly named, this wall features accurately scaled and extended-from-the-wall metal cutouts of the states in which LRS has a footing, along with magnetic LRS logo blocks to show where in each state the growth is occurring. The result is a display that is both beautiful and functional and which conveys information in a way people can grasp in an instant. The next display showcases the names of the companies that have been acquired by, and now fall under the banner of, LRS. It features layered and elevated panels in LRS-branded blue showing the names of acquisitions which can be added to each year as the company grows, honoring the companies that contribute to LRS’s success.

Grand Finale

Thanks to a clear style guide and the freedom to create unique ways of displaying information, OC Creative, Banner Up Signs, and LRS all ended up with a project they could be proud of. Such a large task seemed daunting at first, but by breaking the job down into three waves of design and installation, no one had to accept a solution that was less than ideal.

We are on our way to becoming a billion dollar company, and we need to present ourselves that way. OC made that happen.
Meaghan Johnson, VP of Marketing
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