Kishwaukee College

Kishwaukee College received a marketing grant to highlight their Adult and Dislocated Worker Training Services program and wanted to use it in a way that could reach their desired demographic of adults 25-45 who were looking to gain the skills they need to start or advance their career. It was decided that to meet people where they were in their lives, we’d be best off doing so on social media.


Social Media Design

Social Media Marketing

Ad Placement

Stopping Thumbs in Scroll Mode

Once we knew what avenues we using to distribute the message, we tasked ourselves with writing, designing, and placing ads on Facebook and Instagram with a one-month budget of $10K. That significant budget let us determine the best place and time to place ads so they would run when people were most likely to turn an idea into enrollment. And the design team created visuals that could stop someone who was casually scrolling through their social media feeds and get the message across before they could move on.

Driving Class Engagement

We ran 20 different ads in August which reached around 20,000 people. Those views amounted to an average of 200 website clicks per ad. Kishwaukee College met their goals, spent their marketing grant smartly, and allowed OC to continue to prove that our vision for higher education marketing earns top marks!

It's truly been a pleasure working with OC Creative. Their team is very talented and wonderful to work with. Amy and Brian are a joy. They always take care of us and guide us through projects fluidly, making these projects stress free. I highly recommend working with them on your next creative project!
Kelly, Director of Marketing
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