Bleu Palette

A local visual artist wanted to expand her vision to bring the love of art to her community. Her vision was infectious, and we wanted to work with her to bring her dream of opening a teaching studio to life.

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Modern Functionality, Retro Charm

It started with a need for a logo and a few words of direction: retro, kitschy, 50s. We brought Jen in to look at a bunch of logos, discuss what spoke to her, and we went from there. Several of our designers weighed in with designs, and this crop of bright ideas was culled and combined until we landed on the current logo, which Jen thought had the perfect vibe. So perfect, in fact, that she wanted to see what we could do with building her website.

The Winner

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Building the Bleu Palette Experience

We leaned heavily on the colors and mood of the logo we designed for Bleu Palette in building the website. A big part was nailing down a system for booking classes and paying and making it feel seamless and friendly. And when the final product was unveiled, we were all as pleased with it as Jen was. It truly embodied the feeling she wanted in her logo on a large scale. We’re always glad to do work we’re passionate about for clients we believe in.

I have used OC Creative for two business projects that were very dear to my heart. Not only was I thrilled with the two logos and branding work they did for me and the easy usability and design of both sites, but I was also so pleased with the personal care and attention that raises OC to the top.
Jen Schneck, Owner
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