Blain’s Farm & Fleet

Not only is our office located in a repurposed Blain’s Farm & Fleet store location (people around here still refer to our office as "The Old Farm & Fleet building"), but we also became one of their video partners trusted to tackle their marketing videos and take them in a new direction to reach a fresh audience. We've conceived and written 18 new marketing messages so far, traveled to many a Farm & Fleet store or country home, and achieved the tone they were looking for to carry their voice, becoming new best friends worthy of calling one of their old locations home.

Video Production

Video Editing



Talent Scouting

Hair & Makeup

A Modern Take on a Classic Brand

While the Blain's Farm & Fleet commercials on television have remained very much the same with their in-store footage and sales promotions each week, they knew that online video advertisements couldn't be the same. They had to be more engaging. They wanted to ensure the viewer was more likely to watch to the end and less likely to click that skip button.

Skip-Resistant Success

Mission accomplished! We delivered professional production, shot 4k footage, wove in just the right amount of humor for the Farm & Fleet audience, and scouted, auditioned, and vetted the perfect talent. Our videos for Blain's YouTube continue to have more views and a higher percentage of finishes than others on their channel to date. We’d say that’s a success worth paying attention to.
Thanks for the willingness to keep our production budget intact. That’s much appreciated on our end!
Ian, Manager of Creative Production
We may not live in your building, but we’d love to be your video production BFF!
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