Artist Jenny Schneck

Jenny liked what we did for her Blue Palette brand so much that she came back to us to tackle her personal brand. She wasn’t exactly sure how to describe her art or her artist persona, so she let us give it a try. Our description: peace and pandemonium. It was a win with her, and we proceeded confidently with the website and the branding.



A Simple Home

She wanted a place to showcase her art, sell her prints and originals, and keep a record of her gallery appearances and awards. We thought she might like a design similar to the previous design we did for her, but that was not the case. So we started from the drawing board, creating the clean, simple, focused design she wanted, something that didn’t distract from the beauty of her art and something that allowed for future expansion and frequent gallery changes.

Journey to Right

Jenny’s logo took several rounds to nail down. When we started, a simple display of her initials was the idea, something elegant and simple. Jenny wasn’t sure if it was just right for her brand, so she went through several other ideas, and we joined her on the journey. It was a combination of gorgeous watercolor and one of the first initials we chose together that won the day. In the end, we built a partnership and a friendship with Jenny that we hope continues far into the future both personally and professionally.

The Winner

The Contenders

They know what you need before you do. Above and beyond is how they do it. Can't recommend Brian and his entire staff enough! Both projects have been key to the growth of both my personal art sales and the success of my art studio.
Jen Schneck, Artist
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