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We know just how important it is to keep your brand fresh—so much so that we’ve gone through a rebranding of our own! Without a strong business personality and an identity to anchor your organization, who knows what will happen in the shifting tides of today’s market? Let us be your harbor in the storm, crafting and managing your brand until everything from your logo to your last line of text is ship-shape.


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Family Service Agency

Family Service Agency was in need of an update, and they knew it. Luckily, their donors noticed, too. One such donor pledged the funds it would require to give them the brand treatment they deserved. After seeking several estimates, OC found a way to cost-effectively manage their marketing needs with an all-in-one, custom solution—designing a new logo, style guide, tagline, and website, in addition to offering a way for them to easily create, consolidate, and mail all their marketing pieces going forward.

Sundog IT

Sundog IT had grown from a local company into a regional presence, but their branding and media needed a boost to match their success. Once they had established the direction their metamorphosis would take, we helped them with the launch. Their custom package included a two year campaign of vehicle wraps, trade show booths, display banners, digital ads, newsletters, print media, social media, and more, all consistent with their brand. With a style guide in place, everything could take shape following those guidelines, and future growth could be matched with future projects.

DeKalb County Community Gardens

DeKalb County Community Gardens was looking for something more. They wanted to break out of their local image and really grow into the organization they knew they could be. We responded to their request for proposal for a new website, and our concept won their bid. While working with them, we noticed their existing logo was hard to work with, with colors that were hard to see. We suggested a redesign of their logo as well, and they took us op on it. The website proposal blew their minds, and we ended up custom creating a brand including a logo, website, and style guide that we could all be proud of.
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Barb City Manor

Barb City Manor is a self-sufficient, not-for-profit retirement home housed in what was once a 1930s hotel. They’ve got a rich history in the community, and they wanted an updated brochure that reflected that. We branded the material in large print with actual photos of the facility, and we redesigned their logo at the same time. They used what we had created for them to craft new business cards and name tags. With the relationship we maintained, we were able to film a fun video for #ProudlyDeKalb where we interviewed the residents. Eventually, we got the opportunity to redesign their website to more closely match their brochures, and we even implemented a price calculator so prospective residents could easily see the costs. The whole package was something they could hold up to community competitors, partners, and vendors and be proud of.
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Safe Passage

We worked with Safe Passage, a local domestic violence agency and crisis center, to upgrade their image to more closely match their purpose. A community grant allowed them to hire us for the job. They’re an important organization in the community, and we wanted to help them rework their brand, their voice, and their future marketing materials. We worked with them to redesign their logo, brochures and cards, envelopes and letterhead, hotline cards, and presentation materials. After all of that was done, they were so satisfied that they asked us to give their website the same treatment.
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