Our Awards

Oooh, ahhh
We’re proud of everything we do here. No project is complete unless that’s true of it. But even we can’t deny that it feels pretty good to be recognized for our hard work. So here’s some of the places we’ve been honored with awards.

American Advertising Awards

Fuse | Promo
OrthoIllinois | Hand Centers
Care Revolution

AVA Digital Awards

LLCC | School for the Job
Premier Supercopa | 2018

Muse Awards

Potato Salad Promo
Proven Winners Truffula Pink Ad
Rose Gold
Proven Winners | Truffula Pink
Where's the Food booklet pages
Rose Gold
City of DeKalb | Where's the Food?

Hermes Creative Awards

Fuse | Promo
Proudly DeKalb website thumbnail
#ProudlyDeKalb | Website

Previous Awards

SOVAS Voice Arts Award: Outstanding Political Announcement Image, Best Voiceover. Voice talent by Jas Patrick
Best of Thervo
AVA: Platinum – The School for the Job – Lincoln Land Community College
AVA: Gold – Premier Supercopa
Addy: Platinum - Fuse Promo
Addy: Gold - We Need a Care Revolution
Muse: Rose Gold - City of DeKalb "Where's the Food?" booklet
Medallion: Gold - Get Ready – Lincoln Land Community College
AVA: Platinum – Why Purify The Air? – AreaMax Professional
AVA: Gold – Sycamore Library’s Top 5 Myths
AVA: Gold – Top Fuel For Life
Communicator Awards: Silver – OrthoIllinois
Muse: Gold – Leishman Center for Culinary Health
Muse: Rose Gold – Bockman’s Auto Care Signs and Vehicle Wrap
Summit: Silver – Fellowes MobilePro
Medallion Award: I Chose LLCC
Hermes: Gold – Family Service Agency Annual Report
Telly: Bronze – Tails Humane Society Fundraising Video
AVA: Platinum – Kishwaukee College CRT - Get Career Ready
Communicator Awards: Silver – Banner Up Brochure
Hermes: Gold – Kishwaukee Anti-Sexual Harassment Animation
Telly: Bronze – KishHealth Systems 2014 Branding Commercial
Telly: Bronze – Kishwaukee Anti-Sexual Harassment Animation
Telly: Bronze – Kishwaukee College Evacuation Video