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Every success at OC Creative stems from an amazing team. Get to know the folks that will take your idea, infuse it with creativity, and produce a product you will love. But what are those colors?

Who We Are

We are a team of creative vigilantes that understands the need for coherent, effective content across a wide range of delivery channels. From concise, high-impact design to award-winning videos, OC Creative produces content that influences audiences and projects a culture of both excellence and innovation. Our team also understands that great ideas require great execution, and we take pride in taking your vision from the drawing board to reality in a way that is efficient, cost-effective, and time-sensitive.
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Brian Oster headshot

Brian Oster

Creative Director/President

Erin Nolan headshot

Erin Nolan

Art Director

Justin Difazzio headshot

Justin Difazzio


Katie Hemmeter headshot

Katie Hemmeter

Digital Manager

Amy Oster headshot

Amy Oster

Vice President

Dan Kapper headshot

Dan Kapper

Video Director

Laura Harcar headshot

Laura Harcar

Zach Lynde headshot

Zach Lynde

Video Director - Rockford

Lynn Parker headshot

Lynn Parker

Accounting Manager

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OC Pets

Grace Nolan
GracieOG Office Dog

Lumos Hemmeter
LumosOffice Floof

Princess Oster
PrincessOffice Puppy

Tuck Harcar
TuckMischief Manager
Flapjack Difazzio
FlapjackFeline Consultant
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