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Every success at OC Creative stems from an amazing team. Get to know the folks that will take your idea, infuse it with creativity, and produce a product you will love.

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Yeah, what are those colors?

Amy Oster

Account Director/Badass VP
Amy makes everyone she works with look good. No, really. She does makeup for photoshoots. Amy runs on moscato, the smell of fresh brownies, and a good text convo. Don't EVER put mocha in her coffee.
Documentaries, am I right?
Sports nut
Amy Oster headshot

Sara Myers

Project Manager
Sara will drink your coffee if you leave it unattended. So, watch out. She's a Sagittarius, a Slytherin, and does not enjoy long walks on the beach. Her personal motto is "Get stuff done...and always carry Kleenex."
Lover of fun socks
Allergic to everything
Cleaning products
Sara Myers headshot
Fun Fact: She knows five languages and is working on a sixth!

Katie Hemmeter

Web Director
Katie is actually a sentient house plant that we taught to do web development. It's pretty advanced science.... We should probably publish and get rich. BRB. PS - you can totally put mocha in her coffee.
I wish I could, but I don't want to. - P.B.
Katie's dog Lumos licking her face
Fun Fact: She can sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" both one word ahead and one word behind the melody...and now it's difficult to actually sing it properly.

Justin Difazzio

Justin is the first person in history to actually use their English degree. We make him write everything. Except this. So it's probably poorly written. But trust us, he's like, really, really good.
Harriet the Spy

Dana Herra


Dana's an awesome writer. For real, she has bunches of awards and stuff. She also has a loud voice, a keen fashion sense, and a mild obsession with the color orange.

Doctor Who
Old Movies
Dana Herra headshot
Footsteps Quote

Leslie Latimer

Design Director
Leslie is dope. She's like, super talented and junk. She'll design your stuff and you'll love it. For real. You'll be all, "I love it!" She likes to hand letter stuff, and it's neato torpedo. She's one cool lady. Be like Leslie.
Plant mom
Bikes like whoa
Baker of pies

Meredith Guio

Design Coordinator
Designer by day and bartender by night, Meredith is always down for adventure. She takes hella landscape photos and brings back rocks to create homemade watercolor paints with. Dope.
Friend of ferns everywhere
Kombucha on the daily

Laura Harcar

This is some stuff about Laura. She's super duper cool. And really nice. And fashionable. Laura. She's the bee's knees. Her favorites are branding and making new logos.
Griffin and Hazel
Laura Harcar headshot
Laura at the gym

Lynn Parker

Accounting Administrator
Lynn is hands down the sweetest person you will ever meet. So put your hands up and wave them around like you just do care, because Lynn is amazing.
Art in the genes
Secret agent name: VioLynn
Grandma of 6!
Lynn Parker headshot
Always be kind caligraphy

Austin Wilson

Video Project Coordinator
Although Austin likes the typical quiet time and chick flicks, he breaks that mold shouting at his team when playing Rocket League. When he’s not playing at the extremes of sound, he hikes, camps, and dresses up for the Ren Faire.
Dog Dad
Dipping Sauce Fanatic
Rachel Clarke headshot

Rachel Clarke

Social Media Manager & Videographer
If you follow OC, you know we always have a Rachel on our team, and this Rachel is pretty amazing. She likes space, video production, and Nintendo. Put her in a comfy room and watch her beat Mario in one go. Just include bathroom breaks for Rachel and her furry, four-legged friend, Cosmo.
Bucket list item: make a documentary
Rachel Clarke headshot

Darren Lilke

Video Director
Darren's mantra is "There is no such thing as bad pizza." Well, Darren, what about a tuna pizza? Huh? Tuna pizza with tapioca topping? Mmm. But honestly, Darren's a cool dude. We decided to keep him.
Mountains = happy place
All-in on Baby Yoda!
Darren Lilke headshot
two guitars

June Oster

June taught herself videography at a young age with a few YouTube videos and lots of intuition. A problem solver for all things relating to video and tech, she works best with a cat in her lap. We think she's pretty awesome, and you will too!
Cuddly Cats!
Video Game Lover
June Oster headshot
two guitars

Zach Lynde

Zach. If you're doing a video, you want Zach on your crew. He's baller. Although he promised us he'd bring us pizza someday, and we still haven't gotten pizza...
Film nerd
Gear nut
Zach Lynde headshot

Dan Kapper

Dan is a master storyteller. Also, he's super symmetrical. We did that thing where we cut our faces in half in Photoshop and pasted the halves together and Dan's halves match really well.
Epitome of kindness
Can do a backflip
Love/hate relationship with dairy
Dan Kapper headshot

Isabel Feldhaus

Digital Marketer
Isabel is our very own digital guru. When she's not dishing out digital content, you can catch her line dancing or photographing weddings. Ask her about coffee—she roasts her own beans!
In Cowboy Era (YeeHaw)
Runs on Espresso
Eats Hot Wings Weekly

Annie Tyrrell

Content Coordinator
Annie is our resident intern. Intern things! She loves her dance team (Go Huskies!), her tiny dog Starlin (Aww!), jigsaw puzzles (So many pieces!), and smoothies (Yum!). She could double as a Hilton Head, SC tour guide!
Real Housewives fanatic
Ask about her fake tooth
two guitars

Brian Oster

Creative Director/President
Brian always has ideas. If you need one, he'll gladly lend it! Just feed him all the coffee, and give him a challenge. He'll take care of the rest.
Loves to dissect commercials
Bad dad jokes
Oven-fresh Italian bread

What does "OC" stand for?

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