Six Graphic Design Trends Blowing Up in 2023

Published: January 16, 2023

Happy new year, friends! We’re glad you’ve joined us in saying goodbye to 2022 and welcoming 2023 with open arms. Now, as in previous years, we’re going to take a look at the horizon of graphic design and see what’s rising in the distance that might take precedence this year. To that point, we have brought you six trends we’ve seen that are on the rise in 2023. Check it out below.

jars with sterile labels


One trend that people are noticing is a sort of label fatigue. Big bold brand names are being eschewed in favor of a simpler, more humble look. There are many facets to this development and how people are embracing the less is more trend.

In previous years, we’ve mentioned how brutalism is on the rise, and this year is no different. The focus is on visuals that tell you how something is used, what it is, and where it came from rather than a brand name, a flashy color scheme, or a bold logo. Think apothecary packaging and government-use labels. That sort of utilitarian design is going to be bigger than ever this year. Minimalism is still holding strong, and in 2023 it’s going bold. The way to stand out is to look like you’re not trying to force your product into people’s faces. In a crowded market, a quiet presence seems to be making a real bang!

abstract 3D shape

3D Design

Of course, what are design trends except contradictory and multifaceted? To that end, look out for bright pastels and abstract shapes that appear as if they’re sculpted from clay. That’s right! 3D designs aren’t going anywhere. They seem like one trend that’s turning into a permanent good idea.

Whether it’s cute characters, organic backgrounds, or something a bit more understated, you’re going to be seeing 3D elements in many designs throughout the year. But because it’s been around a few years, look for new ways to add a bit of depth to your designs. We’re going to get weird with it in the new year, because it feels like the training wheels are off now!

foil printed chocolate wrapper

Foil Printing

Last year we took a dip back into the luxurious waters of Art Deco. This year, I think we’re going to be pulling back from that in favor of other, less drastically elegant designs. But something that seems to have adhered in all that glamour is the foil printing.

Lending a bit of shine to a project, foil printing in golds and bronzes and silvers isn’t going anywhere. And we think that’s great news, as we’ve sort of fallen in love with the grace lent by emphasizing a focal point with a little bit of foil treatment. Art Deco might once again be a thing of the past, but we’ll hold on to this bit in remembrance and honor of an elegant era.

wall full of loud colors


Buckle up for another year of battle between minimalism and maximalism, because both of these trends seem like they’re here to stay, despite being almost completely opposite. The trend toward less and the explosion of more more more can both exist, though, because they feed off each other, play with each other, and they both catch consumers’ eye because they’re not basic.

This year, minimalism is going vintage. Think the colors of your parents (grandparents?) living room furniture, the pastels of the 90s and the oversaturated nature tones of the 70s–but dialed way back and used in a muted way. Pick one color and go with it. Of course, with maximalism you can go all out. Screaming color, big icons, huge fonts! It might be the polar opposite of minimalism, but it works just as well. And hey, why not embrace those vintage colors while you’re at it. The 90s were loud as heck, and now is your time to recall them fondly and see what you can make of those memories.

portrait of a gorgeous Black woman

Prominent Photos

With mobile devices boasting camera clarity never before seen outside of professional equipment, it’s no surprise that big, beautiful photography is becoming a bold way to break through the pack and set yourself apart. Think athlete portraits, stunning scenery, macro backgrounds–anything that will make a person stop and wonder.

On top of that, we’ll be seeing a lot of illustration on top of photos, whether that’s neon highlights, logos and text, or just design elements that call attention to themselves. Branded illustrations combined with photography are cropping up all over the place, and they seem to be one of the things setting 2023 marketing apart.

pink to green gradient

“New Freedom”

Finally, we’ve got to acknowledge the trend that’s growing in response to being shut in for the last few years. Whether warranted or not, we’re seeing an expression of new freedom blossoming in creative work as a reaction to the end of quarantining.

Look for bright and bold colors, motion elements, unique gradients, and nature elements celebrating the return to the world. This year the celebration of the perceived newly free will see experimentation with all sorts of facets of design. It has us excited for what may be coming in the future and what it could mean for next year’s trends.

Keep an eye on designs as we all experience what evolves from these six design trends gaining popularity in the new year. And stay tuned for our next blog in the series coming later this month featuring the typographic trends of 2023!