As a creative agency, it's our job to bring the creativity.
If we didn't, we'd be just another marketing company. *Yawn.* We don't want that, and neither do you.

But what's a creative agency?
We get this question a lot. A creative agency is a company that offers a combination of strategy, conceptualization, branding, and advertising all in one place. Our team is driven by client success and our desire to create original content. Why? Because creative work will influence change, evoke emotion, create action, and inspire your audience.

Here's how it works.
OC can insert your product, service, organization, or idea into our creativity blender, frappe it into something that sparkles, rebrand it, market it, tweak it, and elevate it until it’s something we can both be proud of.

Let's break it down.

You need someone to talk to you like a human about what you need.

We do that.

You need to learn what works from people who know what works.

We can help.

You need to be in the loop through the whole process.

We agree.
You need this to be effective and easy.

We get you.
Let us be your creative legs.You bring the project, we'll bring the creativity.
Not sure what you need?

We got you.
What do clients say?
I’ve used OC Creative on several occasions and I am thrilled with the final product every time. Video plays such a huge role in the work I do, I was left with no choice but to invest in the professionals. This was money well spent. Can’t wait to line up my next project!
 - Laurie G.
This team has the rare ability to extract a company's unique value and highlight it through video. Fantastic from the planning all the way through production, this group works like clockwork to ensure a flawless result.
 - Leah H.
The OC team has been great to work with. The quality of their productions has exceeded our expectations every time. They are a fun, energetic, and creative team to work with. Thanks OC!!!
 - Cohen B.
I worked closely with Brian and his team on Family Service Agency’s new branding that included a complete overhaul. Upon completion, we ended up with an entire marketing package. OC listened to what we wanted and grew the project beyond what I had expected.
 - Tynisha C.